Paid To Popup MBBS MADE EASY: Cranial nerves - Sensory, motor and mixed

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cranial nerves - Sensory, motor and mixed

On Old Olymbus Towering Top A Finn And Germans Viewed Some Hopes

   1. Olfactory
   2. Optic
   3. Occulomotor
   4. Trochlear
   5. Trigeminal
   6. Abducens
   7. Facial
   8. Auditory
   9. Glossopharangeal
  10. Vagus
  11. Accessory spinal
  12. Hypoglossal

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S = Sensory, M = Motor, B = Both (sensory + motor) Get Paid To Promote, Get Paid To Popup, Get Paid Display Banner

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